2020 OAPE Conference

Holistic Crisis Management
This year OAPE will celebrate its 31st year of bringing together Educators, Instructors, Police Trainers and Officers in an effort to share, collaborate and address mutual concerns and successes in policing while also promoting new and improved policing initiatives. OAPE is committed to the development of standardized training and fostering a high degree of knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of policing.

Our conference this year will focus on Crisis Management but with a unique approach. We will start the conference with OPVTA showing its latest releases including a brand new set of Use of Force Scenarios. OPVTA is very excited to debut its new 360 and 3D immersive videos. Then Axon will present its new Virtual Reality crisis training which flips training around to the point of view of the person in crisis. Dr. Jennifer Short from the NRPS will then give an overview of the psychology of a person in crisis. Day two conference participants will take part in Crisis Communications and De-escalation for Police First Responders. This course will be led by Monique Rollin from Canadian Critical Incident Inc. for which you will receive a certificate upon completion. To round out the conference officers from Windsor police service will detail their encounter with a person in crisis where, as a result of that person’s actions, deadly force was necessary to de-escalation the situation.

OAPE and OPVTA is very excited to be able to bring you this holistic approach to crisis management training.

Our conference registration and meet and greet will start on Monday night at OPC, at 5:00 pm. If you have paid for the full conference all meals and accommodations are included.

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