Chatham Kent PoliceName: Sgt. Mike Thompson

Chatham-Kent Police Service Training Unit

Contact Info: 

Phone: 519-352-4990       

Fax: 519-352-3198


Mike Thompson began his policing career in 1996 with the Chatham Police Service, prior to the formation of the Chatham-Kent Police Service in 1998.  Mike has taken on many rolls within the Chatham-Kent Police Service, including General Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Traffic.  Notable is his experience in Traffic related investigations.  He is a  former Collision Reconstructionist, Radar Instructor and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) as well as a current Breath Technician.

Mike was promoted to Sergeant in July 2013 and began leading the Services Training unit in January 2014.  He was appointed to the OAPE Executive in August of 2014.  Mike shares a passion with his OAPE colleagues for quality Professional development within the Police Profession and is dedicated to lifelong learning.

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